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  • Model research of efficiency of transport systems of cities

    The article proposes an approach to assessing the modern transportation system of a large city based on linking the quality of the functioning of the existing transportation system of a city with the population’s quality of life. Author supposes, as we have a three-level ...

  • Prediction of ground deformations due to construction by natm technologies of urban tunnels

    In the paper, basic principles of modified methods of urban tunnels construction under complicated geotechnical conditions are considered. Main components of ground deformation under construction of shallow tunnels by applying NATM technologies are analyzed, and empirical prediction is considered as&#...

  • The integrated client server complex of geovideo for field survey of the heterogeneous data characterizing highways

    Accounting technology characteristics of highways using automation technology to automate video monitoring activities on a comprehensive assessment of highways, to provide an objective and consistent account of the condition of the road infrastructure. Recommendations on the use of video monitoring&#x...

  • Management by motion of cars on roadnet

    Practical application of the optimization of motion of heavy cars worked out earlier a mathematical model is shown on the street-travelling network of city on the basis of criteria of minimum total time of passage of lorry convoys and minimum possible ecological damage from th...

  • Directional analysis of the regional traffic accident rate

    The connection between road accidents and regional socio-economical factors is considered in the article.

  • Application of environmental monitoring systems as part of intelligent transport systems

    In article it is spoken about need of use of intellectual transport systems for an assessment of an ecological situation in the cities and the scheme of the organization of environmental monitoring of an urban environment is provided.

  • Situationally-logistical management on the Kuibyshev railway

    In article considers the prompt adaptation of system of an operational administration by transportations to real operational conditions and maintenance high quantitative and quality indicators of operational work it is necessary to pass from automation of information support of the dispatching&#x...

  • Provided vs demanded stoppingsightdistance adequacy evaluation

    In existing road design practice, despite the fact that 3D perspective is essential in order to evaluate the final outcome, the adoption of critical design parameters is restricted on a fragmented 2D road environment. In current road design practice SSD adequacy is not ...

  • Tool for analysis of extraordinary states in complex traffic networks

    Urban areas are equipped with hundreds of traffic sensors. The basic problem is to transform the tremendous time series of measured traffic parameters to the simple parameter which estimates the quality of services over this network. This happens mostly based on the judgment of...

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